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Ziggy came to us on 14th November 2012 from Chesterfield RSPCA and has brought much joy into our lives. He was at least ten years old when we adopted him, as he was microchipped by the RSPCA in Hull in 2002. He is a real lap cat with a wonderfully friendly personality and joy of joys, never scratches the furniture or sticks his claws into our laps. He spends a lot of time on the south-facing bathroom window sill, sunning himself and watching next door's chickens pecking in our driveway.

Everyone adores Ziggy, and we have heard that he visits several of the neighbours while we are out. Sometimes he doesn't seem to eat very well, but this seems to coincide with when his alternative 'restaurants' are open.

He does have a hidden side to balance his perfection indoors. From time to time, he pays a visit to the vet for treatment on various abscesses after defending his territory. We thought he did not catch wildlife, until Martin found a line of dead mice and shrews on the doorstep after inadvertently locking him out overnight.

Ziggy by front door in snow

Ziggy contemplating whether to go out in the snow, January 2015.

Ziggy and Martin on patio

Ziggy and Martin on the patio.

Ziggy on cat scratcher

Ziggy on cat scratcher, November 2014



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