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Martin on the footpath to Gordale Scar

Martin on the footpath leading to Gordale Scar, October 2015.

Malham Cove

Wonderful evening lighting at Malham Cove, dodging the rain.

Autumn colours, Malham

Autumn colours near Malham.

Walks 2015

Our walks have become shorter (up to two miles) as various aches and pains are taking their toll. However, we have had a couple of outstanding walks this year.

There was a glorious evening in May, when unusually we went for a walk after supper. Cressbrookdale is about two miles from where we live, and is renowned for its early purple orchids.

In October, we joined other villagers on the annual Hucklow Hobble, this time staying in Malham, a traditional village in the Yorkshire Dales. We did our own thing and visited Gordale Scar and Malham Cove, which are spectacular.

Gordale scar waterfalls

The scramble up the waterfalls at Gordale Scar - which we did not do.

Martin on the path above Cressbrookdale

Martin on the path above Cressbrookdale, May 2015 .

Early purple orchids in Cressbrookdale

Early purple orchids in many shades of purple in Cressbrookdale, May 2015.

Abney Grange farm

Abney Grange farm, from the ridge walk from Great Hucklow to the Barrel Inn, October 2015. Unfortunately Gillian's knee was very painful after the walk and she needed physiotherapy.

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