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Sunset over Kinder Scout

We sat on our neighbours' patio watching sunset over the Hope Valley and Kinder Scout - amazing how the sky is so light to the north. Afterwards we watched some of the Perseid meteor shower, August 2015.

Snow on cars

Around two feet of snow fell in one day in January. This is about half of it before we cleared the snow for the first time that day.

Snowy view from our en-suite

Snowy view across the fields, taken from our en-suite

Village Life 2015

This year we discovered that a local volunteer organisation, Tideswell Cinema, does live broadcasts from the Royal Opera House, RSC, National Theatre etc. in the room above the George Hotel in Tideswell. We have been several times. Our first visit was to the opera Andrea Chenier, on the day we had two feet of snow, so we did a lot of snow shovelling!

Nine French people from our twinned visit of Parisot came for a weekend in April. In August, the Twinning Association ran a stand on Gala Day (Martin arranged printing of the poster).

As well as seeing the meteors, we both saw the near-total eclipse of the sun on 20th March.

Great Hucklow well dressing 2015

Great Hucklow well dressing 2015.

Eggs in garden

We found a clutch of 12 eggs in our garden. One of next door's hens had been busy!

Hucklow Twinning Association stand on Gala Day

Hucklow Twinning Association stand at Great Hucklow Gala Day.

Dinner with French

Dinner with French twinning visitors at the Barrel Inn, Bretton - on top of the hill above us.


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