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Small lizard at Ella

Small lizard at Ella.

Water monitor

Water monitor in the stream at Polonnarawara. He's 4 - 5 feet long, with a blue tongue.

Praying mantis

Praying mantis outside our room, Habarana.

Puffer fish

Puffer fish caught in the fishing net at Trincomalee - along with a couple of turtles and scores of purple jellyfish.

Bats roosting on a tree

Bats roosting on a tree, Yala National Park.


Wild tortoise, Cultural Triangle.

Small monitor lizard

Small monitor lizard in hotel grounds at Habanara.

Sri Lanka wildlife 2015

The wildlife in Sri Lanka is absolutely stunning - so much biodiversity. This is a larger than usual page to capture some of the wonderful sights, from Yala National Park to hotel grounds or simply crossing the road. It's frustrating that some photos (crocodile, kingfisher, hornbill) weren't good enough to include.

Wild amaryllis

Wild amaryllis at Budurawala


Crane in Yala National Park.

Black-faced monkey

Black-faced monkey, Yala National Park.


Chipmunk in hotel grounds at Habanara.

Elephants at Pinnewara

Elephants at the Pinneware elephant orphanage.


Dolphins off the coast at Trincomalee.


Peacock in Yala National Park.

Land monitor

Land monitor beside the road. He's 3 - 4 feet long and the traffic stopped to let him pass - a protected species.

Water bison and stork

Water bison and stork, Yala National Park.

Elephant crossing the road

Wild elephant crossing the road in the Cultural Triangle.

Black-faced monkeys

Black-faced monkeys in the hotel grounds at Habanara.

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