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Our train arriving at Nanu Oya, Sri Lanka

Our train arriving at Nanu Oya, near Nuwara Eliya, to take us down the hill to near Kandy.

Tea workers

Tea workers seen from train

Tea plant

Tea plant

Grand Hotel, Nuwara Eliya

Grand Hotel, Nuwara Eliya

Rawanna Falls

Rawanna Falls, a series of waterfalls going up the hill.

Sri Lanka hill country 2015

The Sri Lankan hill country is spectacular, with green slopes and deep cut valleys. After spending the night in Nuwara Eliya ('little England'), we caught the train down to near Kandy, through the tea plantations. Everything about the railway seemed to come from one of Martin's model railways.

We were lucky to be in Kandy during the annual Esala Perahera celebration, when on 10 successive nights, there is an increasingly elaborate elephant parade. We were there on the sixth or seventh night, and counted around 70 elephants in the parade lasting over two hours. In between the elephants were 6,000 or so performers, many doing something with fire.

Notice board showing times of trains, Nanu Oya

Traditional notice board showing times of trains from Nanu Oya. Our train wasn't listed.

Elephant dung shop

Shop in Pinnewala, near the elephant orphanage, selling 'Elephant DUNG Paper and Products'

Esala Perahera elephants with red lights

Esala Perahera elephant parade, Kandy. The elephants have different coloured lights according to which of the five temples they come from.

Esala Perahera elephants with blue lights

Esala Perahera, Kandy. Elephants with blue lights, carrying the casket for the temple relic.


Esala Perahera. Very few of the Sri Lankan elephants are born with tusks. The few are called 'tuskers'.

Esala Perahera performer with a hoop of fire

Esala Perahera performer with a hoop of fire. There was fire everywhere - health and safety isn't so important in Sri Lanka!

Elephant walking down street after Esala Perahera

We saw this elephant walking down the main street after the Esala Perahera parade. We were all going 'home'.

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