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View of palm trees from sunlounger

View of palm trees from sunlounger - a great way to be ill.

Gillian paddling in the sea at Phuket

Gillian paddling in the sea at Phuket pre-flu.

Gillian by the Chaophraya River, Bangkok

Gillian beside the Chaophraya River, Bangkok.

Jim Thompson's house, Bangkok - a traditional teak house.

Jim Thompson's house, Bangkok - now a museum.

Phuket and Bangkok, 2015

We had a very restful holiday in January 2015, flying on Emirates to Bangkok and then catching the excellent BangkokAir to Phuket. The holiday was more restful than hoped for, as Gillian went down with flu, and Martin went down with it just as she was starting to improve. Between us, we spent all except two days in bed or collapsed on the sun lounger. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the holiday. Gillian loved reading 'The Gift of Rain' by Tan Twan Eng - it is set in Penang, which we visited in 2012, during the war. Martin went on a trip to James Bond's Island just before succumbing to flu, and we both caught the hotel bus - on different days - for an afternoon in Phuket Town. Back in Bangkok, Gillian bought a day ticket for the SkyTrain and visited Jim Thompson's House, the Victory Monument (off limits due to protests when we were in Bangkok in 2014) and the Erawan Shrine, scene of a massacre after we left.

Hotel grounds in Phuket

Hotel grounds in Phuket - a beautiful place to lie on a sunlounger.

Martin at James Bond Island

Martin at James Bond's Island, January 2015.

Martin canoeing near James Bond Island

Martin canoeing near James Bond Island.

Temple roof, Phuket

Temple roof in the Rattanakosan style, Phuket Town

Shop houses in Phuket Town

Traditional shop houses in Phuket Town

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