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Martin on the Eurostar

Martin on the Eurostar.

Burgundy canal

We had dinner at a restaurant on the bank of this canal.

Burgundy farmhouse where we stayed

Our friends' former farmhouse, where we stayed.

Burgundy 2015

At the end of July, we travelled by Eurostar and TGV to visit our friends who have retired to the Burgundy. They live in a lovely old farmhouse in the wine village of St-Sernin du Plain, west of Beaune. We arrived for the weekend of the Ronde du Couchois, in which around 20 vineyards in the commune have open house and you can try around six wines in each. We only made it to four vineyards, three within walking distance.

We also visited Autun, about 20 miles away, where there is part of the Roman wall and amphitheatre, as well as an excellent restaurant near the cathedral.

Vineyard at St. Sernin du Plein

Vineyard at St-Sernin du Plain


Globe flower in our friends' garden.

Winery on Ronde du Couchois

Arriving at a winery - first stop on the Ronde du Couchois at the Domaine du Puits Fleurie ("Flowery Well"). We were introduced to the mayor here.

Roman city gate at Autun

Roman city gate at Autun, where we went for lunch.

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