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Alec Beer 1920 - 2012

Martin's father died on 17 March 2012 aged 91, following a fall and a period in hospital. Alec will be greatly missed by all his family and friends. His infectious good humour cheered up visitors and staff even when he was in hospital. He was blessed with reasonable health to the end, and would not have liked losing his independence. In the event he remained in control to the end.

Biography (PDF, 13K).


Brandy Beer 1988 - 2009

We lost our beloved Brandy on 22 April 2009, shortly before her 21st birthday. Our 2009 news gave this obituary:

"Brandy was born on 10 May 1988 in Heswall, Wirral and chose Gillian and Martin when she was about six weeks old. In her younger years, she enjoyed the garden and its wildlife - her altercation with a squirrel was particularly memorable. Through her 'presents', we learnt we had newts and shrews. In later years, she preferred to sit on the window sill and watch the cows in the yard across the road. In the evenings, she stretched beside one of us so the warm air from the laptop comforted her. We remember too her ability to communicate with us, both verbally and non-verbally.

Brandy was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and chronic kidney failure in September 2007. It is a great credit to Martin's TLC (tender loving care) in delivering her tablets that she survived so long after this diagnosis and gave us some treasured extra time together. In the end, she was diagnosed with stomach / intestinal cancer, from which even our TLC could not save her. We plan to scatter her ashes in a large tub, in which we will plant bulbs that flower around the anniversaries of her birth and death".


Alec and Martin Beer in Castleton

Alec and Martin Beer in Castleton, Derbyshire, December 2005

Photo of Brandy on her 20th birthday

10 May 2008 Brandy's 20th birthday


Photo of Brandy

Brandy migrated wherever there was sunlight.

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