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I passed a major milestone in October with my 65th birthday.  In practice it has made little difference as I have continued working as per normal at least for this academic year.  Two of my PhD students have successfully completed their Doctorates and I am working hard with the others to complete their studies.  This will keep me busy for at least another year.  We have reached the stage with this work that I am publishing more than I have done in recent years.

In addition to my students I have been involved in the submission of one EU project on Resilient Europe looking at how European cultural assets can be protected and conserved against multiple threats and will be involved with another looking at the integration of virtual worlds into the museum visitor experience by linking the real and virtual space.  I shall tell more of these if they are successful in obtaining funding.

I have been re-elected to Academic Board and life is becoming interesting with a new Vice-Chancellor from January, significantly better than expected results in the Research Excellence Framework (REF) and preparations for the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF).  Governance has become a serious and interesting activity which is shaping the future of the University for the next ten years. 

Following the elections in April, I am now vice-chairman of the Parish Council, which is having much more to do as the hill up the edge has shifted and had to be closed.  This has cut off the hamlet of Abney from the village and children have to walk up and down a wet and muddy path or be driven round a long diversion. 

We continue to have issues (good and bad) with various road events past the house.  One nice one was a 1000 mile vintage car rally that crossed Windmill during the summer (see photos). The Round Britain cycle race held me up meeting the BT engineer to sort out a broken line as we were on separate sides of the route several miles apart.  Once the race had passed, we both got to the house, and the problem was soon identified as a broken wire up a pole in the middle of a field and fixed.

I have been asked to join the management committee of the Peak Park Parishes Forum and the first task is to review the National Park Local Plan which will establish the policies to manage the Park until at least 2025.  It is important that parishes take these plans seriously as they provide the policy basis for deciding on planning applications in the villages.

Martin at Nanu Oya station awaiting a hill train

Martin at Nanu-Oya station near Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka, July 2015.

Martin by the river in Bangkok

Martin by the Chaophraya River in Bangkok, January 2015.

Vintage car passing Windmill

Vintage car rally passing Windmill.

Vintage car passing Windmill

Vintage car rally passing Windmill.


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