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Ao Nang beach

Ao Nang beach on our first morning there - heaven on earth

Boats at Ko Poda

Boats at Ko Poda, one of the islands

Fish at Chinatown street restaurant

Fish at a street restaurant in Chinatown, Bangkok. The pink fish cooks in one minute in a wok!


Thailand January 2014

In January we spent a 'long week' in Bangkok and Krabi (Ao Nang). Bangkok was 'interesting' because people were rioting and getting killed in the centre. Our hotel was on the river, well away from the centre, and we had a great time touring the Chaophraya River by water bus and visiting sites close to the river: the National Museum, Wat Pho (golden reclining Buddha) and Chinatown.

The Krabi area is a huge bay of spectacular limestone islands with coral sand beaches. We spent three days visiting them, going to the beach at Ao Nang each day and hiring a man with a boat. The boats (as you can see) are rustic and many have survived the devastating 2004 tsunami by being at sea.

Martin wading ashore at Ao Nang

The beach at Ao Nang shelves very gently, so we had to wade ashore from a long way out after our boat trips, carrying all our things

Temple roof at Wat Pho, Bangkok

Temple roof at Wat Pho temple, Bangkok

Gillian paddling

Gillian paddling at a deserted island near Ko Hong

Martin not paddling

Martin not paddling at a deserted island near Ko Hong


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