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News 2014

Neither of us have been travelling as much with work this year, though we have been working on our long distance holiday bucket list while Martin is still an Emirates frequent flyer. We visited Thailand in January and Beijing in September. Our summer visit to France was already planned, for Martin to receive his honorary citizenship of our twinned village of Parisot.

We are thrilled to be step-great-aunt and -uncle to Alice-Mae, and to meet Cousin Tony and Nina from Canada for the first time, most especially having nearly all Gillian's close family with us for a celebration buffet. We visited several places in the UK with Tony and Nina that we had never been to, or not for a long time, including seeing Leicester's preparations for the re-burial of King Richard III in March 2015.

For our individual news, see Martin's and Gillian's pages.

Gillian & Martin Jura

Gillian and Martin at a viewpoint at Chateau-Chalon in the Jura, July 2014

Canal in the Forbidden City, Beijing

We were fascinated to see a canal running through the Forbidden City in Beijing, crossed by a series of marble bridges.

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