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Great Wall of China at Badaling

Great Wall of China at Badaling

Temple of Heaven

Temple of Heaven, Beijing, built entirely of wood and part of a huge ceremonial complex

Hall of Supreme Harmony

Hall of Supreme Harmony, one of the 9,000 or so buildings in the Forbidden City



China September 2014

Gillian saw a very cheap flight to Beijing so we went there for a week. Beijing is very easy to get around on the metro at 20p per ticket. Everything is on a grand scale and we had very sore feet from so much walking. Luckily a Chinese foot massage was included on the trip to the Great Wall!

Martin Peking Duck

Martin and the remnants of Peking Duck at our favourite restaurant. We ate there three times!

Summer Palace

Wooden temple at the Summer Palace


Martin in Tiananmen Square

Martin in Tiananmen Square - Mao poster at entrance to Forbidden City behind him

Panda at Beijing Zoo

Panda at Beijing Zoo. They spend 14 hours a day eating bamboo

Beijing Boris bikes

Beijing Boris bikes. These are a new initiative and were just being installed across Beijing


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