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News 2013

We had extreme snow in the Peak District in March and were actually cut off for a long weekend, the roads being scary even when they reopened. We welcomed visitors from our twinned French village in April and enjoyed showing them the Peak District. See our UK activities. We also spent two weekends in Porthmadog, though now we have Ziggy, we are more reluctant to be away.

Gillian had a very difficult year at work. In late 2012, the funder of her project decided to stop the project and offer it to open tender. We submitted the University of Manchester application in May, after a lot of burning of midnight oil and weekend working. We heard in October 2013 that the funder had decided not to proceed. The rest of 2013 and early 2014 was spent in a rather dispiriting orderly closedown of the project.

We took an exceptional holiday in 2013, to Bangkok, South Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and North Vietnam (in that order), taking nearly three weeks in all. We took literally thousands of wonderful photos. It took 18 months to whittle them down to the ones on these pages, so the 2013 news being a year late. We hope you will enjoy them. These photos are dedicated to my nieces Claire and Katie, whose backpacking photos inspired us to visit Vietnam and Cambodia. Thank you, Claire, for telling us that backpackers said Laos is wonderful - it is, and I hope you get there one day.


Gillian in Halong Bay

Gillian on cruise in Halong Bay, North Vietnam

Halong Bay

Halong Bay was absolutely beautiful - no apologies for another photo.

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