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News 2012

This year has been notable for us both 'coming ashore', as colleagues in marine insurance used to say. Both our European projects have finished and Martin made his final trip to Malaysia as external examiner in August. In November, we celebrated greater time together by bringing Ziggy into our home. Ziggy is a neutered male older cat from the RSPCA with a wonderful personality. More photos of Ziggy are on Gillian's Facebook page.

Gillian joined Martin in May on his penultimate visit to Malaysia. We also enjoyed a week in South West France at the end of August visiting our twinned village and, for the first time, the Pyrenees. We were back in Northern France three weeks later for a long weekend with our friend John. We have also had some interesting and unusual experiences in and around our home village of Windmill (village life).


Martin and ZiggyMan's best friend - Martin and Ziggy

ZiggyZiggy on Day 1 (14th November 2012)


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