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News 2010

This year to date has been dominated by two things - the extent of our travelling with work, and the twinning of our small village with Parisot, a village in south west France (twinning page). We have spent a lot of time apart this year because of the work trips, several of which had unplanned extensions due to snow or volcanic ash (work trips and romania pages). Martin is Parish Councillor with responsibility for twinning and Gillian is on the committee of the twinning association, so we have been involved in organising various events.

Our main holiday this year was a touring holiday to France, basing ourselves near Parisot for a week, and finally achieving a long time goal of visiting Carcassonne. Martin has given up skiing now, but we went with a friend to Wengen in Switzerland in March, where Gillian skied and Martin travelled around on the mountain railways (skiing page). Gillian continues to enjoy walking and wild flowers, though with limited opportunities to do so this year.

We have had snow and ice in Windmill throughout December and unfortunately, Gillian fell and broke her writing arm where it enters the shoulder. The recovery period for this type of injury is quite long, owing to possible ligament damage, which can only be assessed after six week's immobility - fingers crossed that all will be OK.



Gillian standing by the Parisot road sign

Gillian standing by the Parisot road sign 'Parisot commune jumelee avec Great Hucklow', July 2010

Martin on the Parisot belvedere

Martin on the Parisot belvedere, July 2010


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